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Zambia Airways

Approximate Vintage: 1973
Received From: Andrew Angel
Print or Image Color: Green, Red
Background / Bag Color: White
Another great old bag from the archives of Andrew Angel. Not surprisingly all in English as it says in the gusset: INTERNATIONAL AVIATION SUPPLY. The gusset also contains a small picture of an airplane along with an address in the Netherlands.


Approximate Vintage: 1995
Received From: Marc Baldewijns
Print or Image Color: Navy
Background / Bag Color: White
Zas airline of Egypt is probably NOT named after Zasu Pitts, despite the inclination to believe so.

Zest Air

Received From: Petr Manda
Print or Image Color: Green, Red
Background / Bag Color: White
I'm not exactly sure where this bag falls into the ontogeny of this airline's history. I think Asian Spirit became Zest Air, but then Zest Air merged with Air Asia and now it's Air Asia Zest, but really who the hell cares?

Zhejiang Airlines

Received From: Michael Hall
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: Brown
According to esteemed collector Yinghao Chen, this is from Zhejiang Airlines, which I guess is different than Xin Jiang Airlines. I should learn Chinese, but of course I'm a stupid, lazy American so I probably won't.


Approximate Vintage: 2002
Received From: Paul Mundy
Print or Image Color: Green and Black
Background / Bag Color: White
Bag experts will immediately identify this imposter as a generic Canadian Bag. However, Zip, a Canadian airline itself, appropriates the generic and slaps a sticker on it to give the bag the more "homey" feeling.


Received From: Bob Grove
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
This is the authentic Zip bag with Yuk printed right on it, not a sticker.

Zonic Shockum

Approximate Vintage: 1999
Received From: Steve Anderson
In Steve's words: My band Zonic Shockum did a hand packaged/designed limited edition barf bag with a cassette packaged within. For what it's worth, this bag is actually printed on the back of a United bag.