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These are the bags I'm most interested in obtaining.

Please help if you can!

Any pre-1970 bag
Gray Davis / Arnold Schwartzenegger bag from the 2003 Governorial Campaign
I Survived the Clinton White House (distributed at a party at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC in late 2000)
Pink Phlegm-ingos, 1974
Beastie Boys License to Ill
Braindead (aka Dead Alive, by Peter Jackson)
Kirin Taxi Bag Ted Milton's Confessions of an Aeroplane Farter
Jim Jeffords Barf Bag
Dogs D'Amour; from The Dynamite Jet Saloon album
Nausea; from an eponymous album by the musical group Therapy
Alias - From the 1995 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
Con Air - Distributed at the movie's premiere in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel
Microsoft Flight Simulator 98
Flight Simulator X
Southern Surf Syndicate
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Exorcist
Return of the Living Dead
Zombie (A movie from 1979)
Vio-lence (From their album, Eternal Nightmare)
PDQ Bach