Welcome to the Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum!

Museum currently exhibits 3161 unique bags.

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Simply put, a Patron of Puke or Patron of the Barf is someone who has contributed a bag to this museum. Donors such as Christoph Vogel, Mike Roselle, Christopher Wren, and Christian Funch are certainly the most cherished patrons. Swappers, such as Bruce Kelly, Ken Costilow, Matthias Koch, and Christian Annyas are also highly prized. Even those who sell bags for profit are considered patrons. After all, the Smithsonian didn't just get their entire archives via donation. So join me and be a Patron of Puke today. On the main page, patrons are listed in descending order of the number of bags acquired by each patron. Records over the years haven't been fastidiously kept, so totals are only approximate. Whether you are a Donor, Swapper, or Seller, thanks for being a patron.

Yours in motion sickness and in health,