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Fur Alle Falle

Received From: Burkhard Walther
Print or Image Color: White and Blue
Background / Bag Color: Red, White, and Blue
Pretty cool wavy designs reminiscent of the contours of the sea floor dominate this bag, which is almost completely in German. The bag is manufactured by Vogel-Druck, which I think means Bird-Printer or Bird-Pressure.

Fur Alle Falle Green

Received From: Fredy Thürig
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
German plastics experts for some reason call Low Density Polyethelene (#4 plastic) PE-LD instead of LDPE. I like this bag because bullet points are on both sides of each detail item.


Received From: Paul Mundy
Print or Image Color: Red
Background / Bag Color: White
According to this bag, the future is Nukes. Maybe an atomic logo was futuristic in 1968, but now it just looks silly.


Approximate Vintage: 2003
Received From: Lee Lombardi
Print or Image Color: Blue and Gray
Background / Bag Color: White
Exceedingly plain bag that tries to keep part of the former atomic logo as its legacy. The bag design still doesn't seem to portend the future.


Approximate Vintage: 2006
Received From: Matthias Koch
Print or Image Color: Teal, Brown
Background / Bag Color: White
Futura still uses the nuclear logo, as if their flights are powered by enriched uranium.


Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: Thorsten Hecht
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
Very similar to the 2003 Futura, but they cashed in the small italic text for blocky capital text.

Fuzhou Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 2015
Received From: Gerd Clemens
Print or Image Color: Red, White
Background / Bag Color: Red, White
I like the "Engrish" on the back of the bag that says "Cherish rarth's resources from you and me"