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Iran Air

Approximate Vintage: 2005
Received From: Gerd Clemens
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Blue
I love the drugged-out flying seahorse logo. On the bottom of the bag, note that the fuselage of the plane is cracked.

Iran Aseman

Approximate Vintage: 2010
Received From: Rainer Schwartz
Print or Image Color: Light Blue
Background / Bag Color: White, Light Blue
Very lightly colored and graded. A flying bird on the front and a bunch of Arabic (or Farsi?) in the fold completes the bag.

Iraqi Airways

Approximate Vintage: 1982
Received From: John Jasper
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: Green, Green, and White
Nice coloration, nice bag.

Iraqi Airways

Approximate Vintage: 1995
Received From: Richard David Glueck
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: Green, Green, and White
Nice coloration, nice bag. The airplane has curved wings.

Iraqi Airways

Approximate Vintage: 2008
Received From: Jürgen Klein
Print or Image Color: Green
Background / Bag Color: White
Nice to see that even a war doesn't interrupt the barf bag innovations.

Irish Ferries

Received From: Ken Costilow
Print or Image Color: 2 Shades of Blue + Green
Background / Bag Color: White
The nifty shamrock makes this bag kind of cool.

German Physicist, Michael Sternberg, who specializes in covalent solids, comments 'When I saw this, I was ROTFL -- "Selbstbedienung" is German for "self service", and usually connotes a shop or cafeteria - I wouldn't want to know what goodies are wrapped so nicely.'

Irish Ferries

Received From: Christoph Vogel
Print or Image Color: 2 Shades of Blue + Green
Background / Bag Color: White
This bag is identical to the other Irish Ferries bag, except it is MUCH LARGER. Perhaps they started serving food on the Ferry.


Approximate Vintage: 2001
Received From: Sam Green
Print or Image Color: White
Background / Bag Color: Peach
You really have to strain to see the difference between the front and the back of this bag, but there it is, printed in the lightest of halftones, "REFUSE BAG" on one side and its Hebrew equivalent on the other.


Approximate Vintage: 2007
Received From: Janusz Tichoniuk
Print or Image Color: Orange, White
Background / Bag Color: Navy
Israir actually writes you a personal letter on its bag. "Dear Guest, We are doing our best to make this flight as comfortable as possible. Please help us by keeping your environment clean. Thee cabin crew will pass by your seat every now and then to collect the refuse bag and some other items. Thank you for your cooperatino and have a pleasant flight."

Istanbul Airlines

Approximate Vintage: 1997
Print or Image Color: Blue with Red Tulip
Background / Bag Color: White
Odd design quirk. The front is identical to the back, except for a horizontal thin white line. Why did they do this?

It's Ilya's Fault

Received From: Mark Dominus
Print or Image Color: Black
Background / Bag Color: White and Tan
This bag is part of the "Regular Expression" collection put out by Mark Dominus for his Perl class.


Received From: Christian Annyas
Print or Image Color: Black, Red, Yellow
Background / Bag Color: White Plastic
This bag is kind of an imposter. I think it's more of a trash bag than a barf bag, but it could certainly be used for either. The Brazilian Bus company that uses this probably has it for double duty, so I'm placing it in the museum. I don't read Portuguese, but I don't see any words refering to vomit, so I'm skeptical.

Skepticism confirmed by puke enthusiast Rodrigo Maroni. The outspoken Brazilian says, "The Itapemirim bag is actually not supposed to act as a vomit bag. It's a trash plastic bag and teh yellow words say 'To make your trip more pleasant, put your trash in here'"


Approximate Vintage: 2006
Received From: Thorsten Hecht
Print or Image Color: Blue
Background / Bag Color: White
I have no idea what this bag is all about because I don't understand Italian. I do know that ITI does not fly anywhere, so I'm not sure why they have barf bags.